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30% Off - Dynamic Range Indicator Discount Coupon Code

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System Requirements:
Platforms: Windows 95/98, ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7

My friends all laughed, but when they started seeing how EASY it is to take money out of the FOREX market, on daily basis...

Powerful Indicator Catches Market Bottoms And Tops and Identifies Trends - BEFORE They Start! Easy to Trade - No Previous Knowledge Needed!
After 5 years of research and studying countless charts and commodities , our team of elite scientists have developed the DYNAMIC RANGE INDICATOR™. This one-of-a-kind indicator has a great aim: Catching market bottoms and tops. This may seem like a tough goal for an indicator, but the DYNAMIC RANGE INDICATOR™ achieves this goal with 95% accuracy!


  • Automatically identify turning-points of trends!
  • Works on all timeframes!
  • Works on all currency pairs and commodities!
  • Gives you simple signals so no thinking is needed!


Your potential profits are unlimited, because this indicator works on all pairs and all timeframes. It doesn't matter whether it is the EUR\USD, the GBP\JPY or even Gold or Oil - the DYNAMIC RANGE INDICATOR™ works on them all. You can be a day-trader, swing trader on even a long-term trader at the markets. Our artificial intelligence indicator adapts to changes in volatility and volume - so even if the market goes crazy - you will still have a leading source of signals. Check out what traders say about this amazing indicator:

"This indicator is truely amazing, identifying reversals was always very painful for me and resulted in many losses. Now I trade freely and with amazing profits. Thanks!" —Jeff Bacary, Trader
"I have been trading for eight years and running an hedge fund for 3 years, and I was sure I could never be surprised. This indicator is something from another planet."— Jake Terdona, Hedge Fund Manager


The DYNAMIC RANGE INDICATOR™ works on all market conditions. It doesn't matter whether the FOREX pair is trending or not, or if it is volatile or a slow-moving one. The DYNAMIC RANGE INDICATOR™ provides profitable buy and sell signals under all conditions. This way no analysis is needed, just look for the buy and sell signals.

The DYNAMIC RANGE INDICATOR™ is super easy to trade - no complex lines and oscillators, no mystical wave count. Just look at the arrows - Blue arrow signals uptrend, Red signals downtrend. Plus, our indicator will automatically alert you via sound when there is shift of trend - so you won't even need to be at the computer! If you are not at home, you can even set an email-alert so you will receive the signals right to your mail box.

Even if you are a novice trader you can use this indicator with great success, because it is so easy install and use. An one-minute installation and you are good to go! This indicator integrates into the popular trading platform, MetaTrader™ - and allows you to trade it with any broker you want. A thorough user-guide is supplied with the indicator, and our technical team is also available to assist in installation. We have invested a lot of time in developing this amazing tool, and do our best to ensure your complete satisfaction.

After purchase, you will receive:

  • The DYNAMIC RANGE INDICATOR™ for MetaTrader 4, plus the installation guide.
  • Life-long subscription to any updates and improvements - so you always trade with the most sophisticated tools available.





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